WILL YOU GIVE UP YOUR SOUL? The Comedy Series “Will you give up your soul?” was a black comedy that aired on Mega during the 2000-2001 television season. Although it was a highly successful production, with ratings reaching an average of 46%, it had a short run. Mega continues to air reruns of the episodes that were completed. The story is about four women (Chrisa Ropa, Eleni Rantou, Ava Galanopoulou and Eleni Kastani) who were raised in an orphanage, and were constantly raped by a social worker maned Gerasimos Mantas (Giannis Mortzos). When Mantas returns to Greece after many years these women (who still suffer in their personal lives) plan to take revenge by killing him. That’s when the “party” begins – every time they try to kill him he somehow escapes this fate. 
Production Year:2000
Actors:Ava Galanopoulou
Chrisa Ropa
Eleni Kastani
Eleni Rantou
Pavlos Haikalis
Pavlos Kontogiannidis
Director:Alexandros Rigas
Stefanos Kontomaris
Writer:Alexandros Rigas
Dimitris Apostolou
Editor:Panagiotis Stamatopoulos
Music:Stamatis Giatrakos