THE TRIPLE GAME “The Triple Game” is a feature film that premiered in 2000. Greek and Turkish cast and crew came together to create a ground-breaking film that took a bold leap towards forging Greek-Turkish relations.  Metin is a taxi driver who works in Istanbul, and he has developed a friendly relationship with the journalist and poet Kemal Gilmaz. Gilmaz suffers from a deadly disease and his last wish is to find the murderer of many of his friends who died mysteriously. On a cold night Metin becomes a witness to the murder of a businessman by the gang leader and his girlfriend. When they realise that they have been seen by the taxi driver they chase him and manage to capture him. The gang leader finds a new assassin in the face of Metin and plans to use him to kill his friend Kemal … 
Production Year:2000
Genre:Feature Film
Actors:Dimitra Matsouka
Melda Arat Mutlu
Nikos Sergianopoulos
Okan Bayulgen
Zeki Alasya
Director:Nesli Colgecen
Writer:Nesli Colgecen
Sait Aytemur