THE TRAIL Where there’s a crime, there’s a trail. You can try to erase it, but you cannot make it disappear! A team of criminal investigators will make sure of that. This team is made up of professionals who have been trained abroad, specializing in profiling and scientific analysis of evidence. The show’s protagonists approach each crime scene looking for physical and psychological evidence left behind by the criminals, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle using reason as well as imagination. The television series “The Trail” was aired on Mega during the 2007-2008 season in self-contained episodes. It was a crime series with many special effects and challenging on-location filming, that raised the bar for this type of content throughout the Greek market.
Production Year:2007
Genre:Crime Series
Actors:Dimitris Alexandris
Giannis Dalianis
Gogo Mprempou
Marilita Lampropoulou
Nikos Kouris
Director:Vasilis Tselemengos
Writer:Team of writers
Photography:Yiannis Daskalothanasis