THE ROAD “The Road” was a “made for TV” movie that aired on Mega in 2004. The film deals with various problems in our modern society, such as domestic violence, women’s rights and the close-minded nature of small communities. Katy is a single and attractive woman and – according to the town gossip – promiscuous. Irene is married but not happy, and has low self-esteem. Katy wants to escape from everything and everyone, and Irene wants to get pregnant in order to get her husband’s interest back. One day they decide to take a long and difficult road trip to the south. The different people they encounter, and the adventures they have along the way provide them with new experiences and a different perspective, as well as the courage to deal with the painful realities of their lives. 
Production Year:2004
Genre:Television movie
Actors:Dimitra Matsouka
Eleni Kastani
Director:Vassilis Tselemegos
Writer:Vagelis Nassis