THE NANNY A Romance/Comedy Series produced in 1998 for ANT1 TV. Alexandros (Panos Mihalopoulos) is a gynecologist. Since his wife passed away he has been living with his three children and he is engaged to Julia (Alexandra Pavlidou). When he hires a nanny, Nana (Marianna Toumassatou), she falls in love with him. Nana’s mother does everything she can to see her daughter happy with the man she loves. Meanwhile, Julia’s parents go on with the marriage plans. In the end, Nana’s sweetness of character wins out over Julia’s aggressive and ambitious one. 
Production Year:1998
Actors:Alexandra Pavlidou
Christina Varzopoulou
Marianna Toumassatou
Nefelli Orfanou
Panos Mihalopoulos
Director:Erricos Andreou
Writer:Rena Riga