The Island, based on Victoria's Hislop bestseller,  is an ode to the strength of the human will. A story that takes us on a journey to the beautiful landscapes of Crete and the fascinating lives of its people, from 1939 to present; a tale about the glory of everyday men and women who manage to rise above destiny’s cruelest blows and find the power to love, to dream, to survive... Across Plaka, a beautiful village in Eastern Crete, lies Spinalonga; the Island. The old Venetian fortress towers over the small piece of land that served for decades as a place of compulsory exile for lepers. Alexis, a college student from London trying to unlock her past, travels to Crete and plunges into the gripping history of three generations of great women - all of them haunted by Spinalonga.
Production Year:2010
Genre:Drama Series
Actors:Alexandros Logothetis
Anastasia Tsilibiou
Annita Kouli
Emilios Hilakis
Evgenia Dimitropoulou
Filareti Komninou
Gioulika Skafida
Ifigenia Tzola
Katerina Lehou
Manos Tsagarakis
Maria Protopappa
Nikos Orphanos
Orfeas Avgoustidis
Rene Tzola
Stelios Mainas
Tasos Nousias
Thodoros Katsafados
Yannis Stankoglou
Director:Theo Papadoulakis
Writer:Mirella Papaoikonomou
Photography:Vaggelis Katritzidakis
Editor:Artemis Anastasiadou
Lambis Haralabidis
Music:Minos Matsas
Set Design:Antonis Halkias