THE BANK A hilarious hostage adventure which was produced for Mega and it was aired during the 2002-2003 television season. Hatitze is Turkish and married to Haris, a Greek truck driver. They have a little son. Hatitze’s father does not approve of the way they raise him so he kidnaps the boy. The parents in an effort to get their baby back, they decide to turn the lights of publicity on them. They barge into a bank and take eight hostages. They will keep them there for five overwhelming and shocking days, which is enough to change everyone’s life forever. 
Production Year:2002
Actors:Ava Galanopoulou
Christos Valavanidis
Konstadia Hristoforidou
Sofia Filippidou
Tasos Palatzidis
Vaso Goulielmaki
Vilma Tsakiri
Director:Antonis Tempos
Writer:Vagelis Nassis