TEN MINUTE SERMON A successful Comedy Series produced for Mega and aired during the 2000-2001 television season. Leonidas is a young boy who lives with his mother and grandmother. Although he is a good student, has quality friends and lives the life of an adolescent, his family - always driven by their good intentions and love for their child - try to make him a “proper” gentleman. Leonidas reacts in ways that produce a series of comedic circumstances…afterall, he and his friends just want to have fun! 
Production Year:2000
Actors:Arietta Moutousi
Aspasia Tzitzikaki
Charis Vorkas
Christina Seih
Dimitris Kouroubalis
Galini Tseva
Karmen Rouggeri
Sakis Boulas
Director:Kostas Lyhnaras
Sisi Smiriliou
Writer:Dina Panteleon