QUE SERA, SERA The sitcom  “Que Sera, Sera” aired during the 2005-2006 television season on ANT1. It was written by Rena Riga and directed by Giannis Vouros. The series revolves around two lonely parents – one a widower with a delicatessen, and the other a divorcee who owns a bookstore. They both are trying to rebuild their lives, while overcoming the many obstacles put in place by their children, their parents, and their previous partners. Their love blossoms through various comedic circumstances in their daily lives. 
Production Year:2005
Actors:Anastasia Koutsikou
Erianna Stathi
Giannis Vouros
Hara Haralampidou
Irene Koumarianou
Korina Damoulianou
Kornilios Balopitos
Nikos Giannakas
Panagiotis Exarcheas
Parthena Chorozidou
Peggy Stathakopoulou
Sophia Olympiou
Stella Giaboura
Director:Giannis Vouros
Writer:Rena Riga