PET SHOP The sitcom “Pet Shop” aired during the 2003-2004 television season. It was directed by Andreas Morfonios and written by Rena Rigga. Giannis (Kostas Spiropoulos) and Rena (Ava Galanopoulou) are recently divorced. He would have never left, but Rena kicked him out. Rena’s mother, Aglaia and Gianni’s father, Menelaos, as well as their two children – Katerina and Tasouli – never stop hoping that they’ll get back together again. Then their worst nightmares become a reality. Gianni meets Maria, and falls in love with her. Maria owns a pet shop, lives with her mother, and is ready to marry Michalis, with whom she has a relationship. But when she meets Giannis, he changes her life. Rena, the children, Aglaia and Meneleos do everything in their power to break them up. Maria and Gianni’s love has to face a series of trials and tribulations if it’s going to survive the resistance brought on by their families! 
Production Year:2003
Actors:Aris Antonopoulos
Ava Galanopoulou
Christina Loizou
Dinos Karidis
Dora Vardaxi
Effie Oikonomaki
Ketty Grigoratou
Kostas Spiropoulos
Maria Kostantarou
Marina Aslanoglou
Penelope Pitsouli
Stella Pefani
Director:Andreas Morfonios
Writer:Rena Riga