Love Sorry

Love Sorry Lily is a young doctor who grew up in the city. She is a perfectionist,she displays great self-discipline and she is against premarital relations.Until the morning she wakes up to find Sakis, the plumber who came to fix theheater the night before, in her bed! Shecan not understand how she let that happen. Hecan not understand why, after such a great night, Lily is in despair and panic.Sakis and Lily have nothing in common. None of them approves of each other, butthe sexual attraction between them is so strong that they no longer have theability to stay away from each other. But it is also impossible to livetogether. Their efforts to get along create hilarious and incredible situationsnot only for them, but also for their family and friends.
Production Year:1994
Actors:Tasos Halkias,
Konstadina Mihael,
Trifon Karatzas,
Eleni Mavromati,
Giorgos Labatos,
Dimitris Tsoutsis
Director:Eleni Mavili,
Nestor Pavelas
Writer:Eleni Mavili
Music:Thanos Kalliris