LIFTING "Lifting" was a Comedy Series produced for ANT1 and was aired during the 2001-2002 television season. The story takes place in a plastic surgery clinic named “Opsis”. The main protagonists who work in the clinic are Gerasimos Mandouvalos, a great and well known surgeon, Lydia and Thrasivoulos. Gerasimos is a person of the night, Lydia is a flaky woman who seems to forget everything and Thrasivoulos is a stingy family man. 
Production Year:2001
Actors:Fani Spanou
Haris Romas
Helena Filippa
Katerina Sasli
Maria Georgiadou
Natassa Manisali
Serafim Silas
Director:Grigoris Petriniotis
Writer:Anna Hatzisofia
Haris Romas