KONSTANTINOS AND ELENI "Konstantinos and Eleni" was an incredibly successful Comedy Series that aired on ANT1 from 1998-2000, to very high ratings. An ambiguous inheritance forces two people with completely opposite personalities to live together. The living situation is anything but peaceful and quiet. There are constant confrontations, and the animosity that each feels towards the other drives them each to do crazy things. The only goal they have in common is to get rid of the other and to finally possess the home in its entirety. 
Production Year:1998
Actors:Eleni Rantou
Haris Romas
Kalliroi Miriagou
Maria Lekaki
Stergios Nenes
Vassilis Koukouras
Director:Konstantinos Lychnaras
Writer:Anna Hatzisofia
Haris Romas