IF YOU EXISTED I'D DIVORCE YOU! This was a comedy series produced for Mega and was broadcast in 2007. Nontas (Petros Philippides) is a successful businessman who, aside from maintaining his businesses, maintains relationships with three women: two wives and a lover. And he loves all three! His first wife is dynamic (Elisavet Moutafi), the second has a great sense of humor (Marianna Toumasatou) and the third is a romantic (Katerina Papadiki) and gives color to his life. Nontas has it all under control until a series of unfortunate events bring him face to face with a dead body that he has to get rid of, and a baby that is probably his. Eventually, Nonta’s women discover his infidelity. Instead of confronting him, they collaborate and devise his demise
Production Year:2007
Actors:Elisabet Moutafi
Gerasimos Michelis
Giorgos Galitis
Katerina Papadaki
Kostas Arzoglou
Marianna Toumassatou
Nikoletta Karra
Petros Philippides
Vera Krouska
Vladimiros Kiriakidis
Director:Evgenia Oikonomou
Writer:Elena Akrita
Giorgos Kyritsis
Editor:Kostas Moschovitis