G4 HIGH SCHOOL This is a drama series by young artists, for a young demographic. One high school. One class. It's a story about a group of seven friends who are living their dreams, as well as their nightmares. They fall in love, have problems, forge friendships, and have confrontations. They are sensitive, romantic and tough. They are the students of G4.     G4 was aired during the 2008-09 television season and deals with current issues facing teenagers today. It is the first series to use the tough language of youth, and gives an honest picture of the problems and dilemmas that teenagers deal with in their daily lives. 
Production Year:2008
Genre:Drama Series
Actors:Dimitris Passas
Giorgos Spanias
Katerina Misichroni
Lena Papaligoura
Mirella Kourenti
Panagiotis Exarchos
Stefanos Mouagie
Director:Sergios Konstantinidis
Writer:Dimitris Kolias
Editor:Akawi Kenan