EAT YOUR CHOCOLATE A Comedy/Romance Series produced for Mega which was aired during the 2004-2005 television season. Stavros (Nikos Sergianopoulos) and Natasha (Jenny Ioakimidou) come from two different worlds. Stavros is a rich bachelor, and Natasha is a poor girl who was forced to go into prostitution to make a living. When Stavros’ mother, Fofi (Anna Panagiotopoulou) decides that it’s time for her son to marry, Stavros, along with his best friend George (Gerasimos Gennatas) decide to hire a prostitute to pass her up as his girlfriend, in order to avoid marriage. In their attempts to convince Fofi, throughout a series of comedic senarios, a love ignites between Stavros and Natasha. Of course, they face resistance from society and Stavros mother, who must never find out about Natasha’s previous kind of life.  
Production Year:2004
Actors:Anna Panayiotopoulou
Antonis Thiseas
Fani Panagiotidou
Fotini Baxevani
Gerasimos Gennatas
Jenny Ioakimidou
Nikos Sergianopoulos
Vaggelis Xatzinikolaou
Yvonni Maltezou
Director:Christos Paligiannopoulos
Writer:Philippos Desillas