BETRAYAL “Betrayal” is a Drama Series that was produced for Mega, and aired during the 1996-1997 television season. Kostas Mantas is an ambitious rising politician. When he marries Olga, she puts aside her own career to support her husband. When he is finally elected, she decides it is time to continue with her own career as a lawyer. When she discovers that her “beloved” husband has embezzled her fortune she registers a complaint against Kostas for fraud and forgery. Pavlos Karelis,a lawyer, takes over the case and pretty soon a tender and caring relationship develops between them … 
Production Year:1997
Genre:Drama Series
Actors:Antonis Kafetzopoulos
Giannis Fertis
Leda Matsaggou
Olia Lazaridou
Director:Nikos Koutelidakis
Writer:Katerina Marinaki