ALMA LIBRE A Drama/Romance series produced for Mega and was broadcast during the 2001-2002 television season. Danai and Stavros are old friends that haven’t seen each other for years. As chance would have it, they bump into each other again on a ferry boat heading to Naxos, the island where they were raised. Danai is a philologist, who is passionate about her work. Stavros is a captain of a commercial freighter, who has spent most of his life at sea. They have a mutual bond, based on their love for poetry and their romantic outlook of life. With their return to their island, though, they find themselves face to face with harsh realities. The difficulty of life, and their deep connection, evolves slowly into a friendship, and eventually, into a powerful love affair. But there is an obstacle in their path that they hadn’t taken into account: a secret that has divided their two families all these years. The happiness that they had finally embraced starts slowly slipping through their fingers. 
Production Year:2001
Genre:Drama Series
Actors:Babis Hatzidakis
Dimitris Siakaras
Eleni Zioga
Faye Kokkinopoulou
Hector Kaloudis
Iakovos Psarras
Julia Argyropoulou
Kostas Veletzas
Maria Delivoria
Nikos Hitas
Nikos Sergianopoulos
Vasilis Vasilakis
Director:Nikos Koutelidakis
Writer:Eleni Zioga
Photography:Evgenios Dionysopoulos