KONSTANTINOS AND ELENI "Konstantinos and Eleni" was an incredibly successful Comedy Series that aired on ANT1 from 1998-2000, to very high ratings. An ambiguous inheritance forces two people with completely opposite personalities to live together. The living situation is anything but peaceful and quiet. There are constant confrontations, and the animosity that each feels towards the other drives them each to do crazy things. The only goal they have in common is to get rid of the other and to finally possess the home in its entirety. 


THE NANNY A Romance/Comedy Series produced in 1998 for ANT1 TV. Alexandros (Panos Mihalopoulos) is a gynecologist. Since his wife passed away he has been living with his three children and he is engaged to Julia (Alexandra Pavlidou). When he hires a nanny, Nana (Marianna Toumassatou), she falls in love with him. Nana’s mother does everything she can to see her daughter happy with the man she loves. Meanwhile, Julia’s parents go on with the marriage plans. In the end, Nana’s sweetness of character wins out over Julia’s aggressive and ambitious one. 


MEGAZIN “Megazin” was produced for Mega and aired during the 1997-1998 television season with Miltos Makridis as the host. This Lifestyle Show consisted of current topics, news, interviews and cultural updates from Greece and all over the world. 


FOUR OF A KIND "Four of a kind" was a Comedy Series produced for Mega and was broadcast during the 1997-1998 television season. Four women have been friends from childhood and continue to be friends until now, when they each have their own family. Their close relationships at times brings tension to their marriages, which inevitably creates two opposing teams, that of the friends, and that of their husbands.


AMAN A Satirical Talk Show produced for Mega and was first broadcast during the 1997-1998 television season. After that it continued for several years with great success. The hosts gave us plenty of laughter by commenting on the social and political everyday life in Greece. 


BETRAYAL “Betrayal” is a Drama Series that was produced for Mega, and aired during the 1996-1997 television season. Kostas Mantas is an ambitious rising politician. When he marries Olga, she puts aside her own career to support her husband. When he is finally elected, she decides it is time to continue with her own career as a lawyer. When she discovers that her “beloved” husband has embezzled her fortune she registers a complaint against Kostas for fraud and forgery. Pavlos Karelis,a lawyer, takes over the case and pretty soon a tender and caring relationship develops between them … 


TWO STRANGERS “Two Strangers” is one of the most successful comedy series in Greek television history, and was aired primetime on Mega from 1997-99. It was written by Alexandros Rigas and Dimitri Apostolou, and was also directed by Alexandros Rigas. The series revolved around the love of a director and acting instructor, Konstantinos Markora (Nikos Sergianopoulos) and a beautiful television presenter of the talk-show “Morning Smile”, Marina Kountouratou (Evelina Papoulia) through humorous scenarios and their attempts to hide their love from others and at times, even from themselves. Most of the episodes featured star appearances from leading figures in show business. Its success continues into the present day, with reruns airing daily. 


FATHER AND SON A Comedy Series which was produced for Mega and was broadcast during the 1996-1997 television season. Kostas Rigopoulos is a “respectable” father who lives a prolonged adolescence. Because of that he is constantly quarreling with his young but much more mature son, Tasos Chalkias. Ilias Logothetis, his father’s close friend, who shares the same immature mentality, constantly creates more problems. 
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