LIFTING "Lifting" was a Comedy Series produced for ANT1 and was aired during the 2001-2002 television season. The story takes place in a plastic surgery clinic named “Opsis”. The main protagonists who work in the clinic are Gerasimos Mandouvalos, a great and well known surgeon, Lydia and Thrasivoulos. Gerasimos is a person of the night, Lydia is a flaky woman who seems to forget everything and Thrasivoulos is a stingy family man. 


 IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT ! This was a Comedy Series produced for Mega and was broadcast during the 2000–2001 television season.  Nikos is a psychiatrist who is about to get married to Jella. Jella is (or rather, was!) best friends with his ex-wife, Anna. The night before the wedding Anna shows up at their house demanding to stay with them as she shares ownership of the house! The relationship between her and the couple gets even more tensed when Anna invites Sofia, her close friend and colleague, to stay with them as well! And then the battle begins … 


TEN MINUTE SERMON A successful Comedy Series produced for Mega and aired during the 2000-2001 television season. Leonidas is a young boy who lives with his mother and grandmother. Although he is a good student, has quality friends and lives the life of an adolescent, his family - always driven by their good intentions and love for their child - try to make him a “proper” gentleman. Leonidas reacts in ways that produce a series of comedic circumstances…afterall, he and his friends just want to have fun! 


WILL YOU GIVE UP YOUR SOUL? The Comedy Series “Will you give up your soul?” was a black comedy that aired on Mega during the 2000-2001 television season. Although it was a highly successful production, with ratings reaching an average of 46%, it had a short run. Mega continues to air reruns of the episodes that were completed. The story is about four women (Chrisa Ropa, Eleni Rantou, Ava Galanopoulou and Eleni Kastani) who were raised in an orphanage, and were constantly raped by a social worker maned Gerasimos Mantas (Giannis Mortzos). When Mantas returns to Greece after many years these women (who still suffer in their personal lives) plan to take revenge by killing him. That’s when the “party” begins – every time they try to kill him he somehow escapes this fate. 


THE TRIPLE GAME “The Triple Game” is a feature film that premiered in 2000. Greek and Turkish cast and crew came together to create a ground-breaking film that took a bold leap towards forging Greek-Turkish relations.  Metin is a taxi driver who works in Istanbul, and he has developed a friendly relationship with the journalist and poet Kemal Gilmaz. Gilmaz suffers from a deadly disease and his last wish is to find the murderer of many of his friends who died mysteriously. On a cold night Metin becomes a witness to the murder of a businessman by the gang leader and his girlfriend. When they realise that they have been seen by the taxi driver they chase him and manage to capture him. The gang leader finds a new assassin in the face of Metin and plans to use him to kill his friend Kemal … 


SOMETHING'S UP WITH THE NEIGHBORS During the 1999-2000 season, “Something’s Up With the Neighbors” broke records with its high ratings. The script was written and directed by Vasilis Nemeas; the story revolves around two couples, from very different backgrounds, who live next door to each other. With their own relationships in crisis, they end up falling in love with each other’s partners. What follows is a series of laughter-provoking episodes


IT TAKES THREE TO TANGO "It Takes Three to Tango" is a Comedy Series that deals with a popular topic: a surrogate mother. A married couple that can’t have children resorts to a modern solution for their problem. They find a young woman who agrees to carry their child, and welcome her into their home for nine months. In the beginning, everything seems simple and practical, but that all changes very quickly and their intertwined relationships soon become very very complicated! 


ALL THE BEST “All the Best” was a talk show which was produced for Mega and aired in 1999. Anna Drouza, the hostess, presented a show with famous guest stars sharing the most significant moments of their lives with the viewers. A 90 minute show full of surprises, beloved persons, old flirts and backstage events create a visual album of the shining life of the stars. 
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