EXAM EXAM was a fast-paced Game Show which was produced for Mega and was aired in 2003.  Antonis Fragakis, the host, presented a half hour game of knowledge. Apart from the players who were competing for 50.000 €, the viewers could also participate by sending an SMS from their mobile. 


PARENTAL SINS A Comedy Series produced for Mega which was broadcast in 2003–2004. Paris (Kostas Voutsas) has been living abroad for several years. At the age of forty, he had a mid-life crisis and left for the Far East, where he was got into some trouble, and was hunted by the local mafia. Having no alternative he decides to make up a story to convince his family to accept him back. The family he left behind which consists of his wife (Chrisoula Diavati), his two daughters Klio and Katerina (Kalliopi Evangelidou and Andromachi Davlou) as well as his son (Takis Dritsas) now work in the family business in the tourism area. They all decide to give him a second chance and get their family reunited. Until one day Piou (Yuki Krontira), who is the pregnant lover of Paris, arrives in Greece to win him back. 


PET SHOP The sitcom “Pet Shop” aired during the 2003-2004 television season. It was directed by Andreas Morfonios and written by Rena Rigga. Giannis (Kostas Spiropoulos) and Rena (Ava Galanopoulou) are recently divorced. He would have never left, but Rena kicked him out. Rena’s mother, Aglaia and Gianni’s father, Menelaos, as well as their two children – Katerina and Tasouli – never stop hoping that they’ll get back together again. Then their worst nightmares become a reality. Gianni meets Maria, and falls in love with her. Maria owns a pet shop, lives with her mother, and is ready to marry Michalis, with whom she has a relationship. But when she meets Giannis, he changes her life. Rena, the children, Aglaia and Meneleos do everything in their power to break them up. Maria and Gianni’s love has to face a series of trials and tribulations if it’s going to survive the resistance brought on by their families! 


RUSSIAN ROULETTE This suspenseful Game Show was produced for Mega and was broadcast during the 2002-2003 television season with Miltos Makridis as the host. The show has a unique format: there are six holes on the stage, and four contestants – each standing in a different hole. One wrong answer activates the Russian Roulette and the player is dropped out of the game, literally.  At the final round the floor becomes a clock. If the contestant answers correctly and manages to survive the Russian Roulette he is the big winner. 


THE BANK A hilarious hostage adventure which was produced for Mega and it was aired during the 2002-2003 television season. Hatitze is Turkish and married to Haris, a Greek truck driver. They have a little son. Hatitze’s father does not approve of the way they raise him so he kidnaps the boy. The parents in an effort to get their baby back, they decide to turn the lights of publicity on them. They barge into a bank and take eight hostages. They will keep them there for five overwhelming and shocking days, which is enough to change everyone’s life forever. 


YANNI'S TALK SHOW “Yanni’s Talk Show” was produced for EPT 1 and it was aired during the 2002-2003 television season with Yannis Zouganelis as the host. Every night, after the evening news, he invited big-name guests from the political, cultural and sports sectors and discussed their beliefs, their work and how they made their way to the top. 


A FAMILY MATTER “A Family Matter” is a Comedy Series that was aired on ANT1 during the 2001-2002 season. It stars Yiannis Bezos, one of the most successful and well-known Greek comedic actors, and Natalia Tsaliki. The series revolved around the daily life of the Theotokatou family and their relatives, which was portrayed throughout a series of hilarious episodes. Alexandros and Margarita live with their four children in a quiet suburb of Athens. Once Margarita decides to pursue her law degree, the foundation of the family is shaken, and what follows is a sequence of unbelievable circumstances.


ALMA LIBRE A Drama/Romance series produced for Mega and was broadcast during the 2001-2002 television season. Danai and Stavros are old friends that haven’t seen each other for years. As chance would have it, they bump into each other again on a ferry boat heading to Naxos, the island where they were raised. Danai is a philologist, who is passionate about her work. Stavros is a captain of a commercial freighter, who has spent most of his life at sea. They have a mutual bond, based on their love for poetry and their romantic outlook of life. With their return to their island, though, they find themselves face to face with harsh realities. The difficulty of life, and their deep connection, evolves slowly into a friendship, and eventually, into a powerful love affair. But there is an obstacle in their path that they hadn’t taken into account: a secret that has divided their two families all these years. The happiness that they had finally embraced starts slowly slipping through their fingers. 
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