THE RED ROOM “The Red Room” is a Comedy Series of individual, self-contained episodes that was so successful it aired for several seasons, from 2005 to 2008, on Mega. The show is based on the comings and goings of guests at a famous hotel. Thus, the show is constantly frequented by many special guest stars, although there are also a few core protagonists: the head maid, Maro, the receptionist, Miltos and Antonis the barman. The timely and at times, heated, humor of the writers made television audiences fall in love with the show, giving it a successful three-year run.


THE WITCHES OF SMYRNA One of the biggest productions in the history of Greek television, based on the book by Mara Meimaridi, “The Witches of Smyrna” was directed by Kostas Koutsomytis. The story begins to unfold in the fall of 1887 when two Greek women from Cappadocia leave their village in search of a better life in Smyrna. There, trying to survive in a poor neighborhood in a big city, they resort to the magic of a wise and enigmatic Turkish woman. A historical drama that aired during 2005-2006, it brought to audiences the realities and intrigues of Greek Smyrna in 1922, relaying the smells, flavors and colors of Smyrna. Inevitably, it aired to great critical acclaim, garnering numerous awards and accolades. 


VIEW OF THE SEA A Crime/Drama Series which was produced for Mega and was broadcast during the  2003-2004 televivion season.  The story takes place in an historical luxurious hotel by the sea. Orestis, the owner, lives there with his daughter Elli and her husband Stratos. Alma Solomou, Orestis’ half sister arrives at the hotel with some of her closest relatives to celebrate her 65th birthday anniversary. Everything looks like a typical birthday party until someone makes a sudden announcement … 


THE WEDDING RING The female protagonist is ready to get married, and the women around her are helping her prepare for the auspicious occasion. But a murder and an arrest transforms this joyous event into a tragedy. In a single moment everything unravels, and the protagonists realize that ultimately, “The Wedding Ring” is not that which holds two people together. A ground-breaking television series, “The Wedding Ring”, premiered to great critical acclaim and incredibly high viewer ratings. It aired on Mega TV in 2004 and continued for three years, culminating in a 2-hour finale on June 1, 2007. In addition, the show was transmitted to Cyprus, Europe, the U.S., Canada and Australia. This show was considered, on an international and national level, a turning point for Greek daily drama series. 


YOU SHOULD’VE BEEN MORE CAREFUL This Comedy series was produced for ANT1 for the 2004–2005 television season. Antony (Sakis Boulas) and Liana (Kalliopi Evagelidi) are married and work together in the same company. They have a little daughter named Ermioni (Dimitra Doumeni) and they live a happy life …until the day their head manager leaves the firm. Everyone expected Antony to take his place but the firm decides that his wife Liana is more suitable for the job. When Antony becomes his wife’s assistant, the couple gradually comes close to getting a divorce. The different opinions of people around them only add to the problem. In the end, the love they share overcomes all obstacles. 


THE ROAD “The Road” was a “made for TV” movie that aired on Mega in 2004. The film deals with various problems in our modern society, such as domestic violence, women’s rights and the close-minded nature of small communities. Katy is a single and attractive woman and – according to the town gossip – promiscuous. Irene is married but not happy, and has low self-esteem. Katy wants to escape from everything and everyone, and Irene wants to get pregnant in order to get her husband’s interest back. One day they decide to take a long and difficult road trip to the south. The different people they encounter, and the adventures they have along the way provide them with new experiences and a different perspective, as well as the courage to deal with the painful realities of their lives. 


PRIVE “Prive” was a Lifestyle Show broadcast by Mega during the 2004-2005 television season. It was a glamorous program, with only the most elite celebrities as guests. Elena Katritsi, the host, presented very intimate interviews with some of the most important people in showbiz (both in Greece, and internationally). The show also travelled the globe in search of the most exclusive and glamorous locations.


EAT YOUR CHOCOLATE A Comedy/Romance Series produced for Mega which was aired during the 2004-2005 television season. Stavros (Nikos Sergianopoulos) and Natasha (Jenny Ioakimidou) come from two different worlds. Stavros is a rich bachelor, and Natasha is a poor girl who was forced to go into prostitution to make a living. When Stavros’ mother, Fofi (Anna Panagiotopoulou) decides that it’s time for her son to marry, Stavros, along with his best friend George (Gerasimos Gennatas) decide to hire a prostitute to pass her up as his girlfriend, in order to avoid marriage. In their attempts to convince Fofi, throughout a series of comedic senarios, a love ignites between Stavros and Natasha. Of course, they face resistance from society and Stavros mother, who must never find out about Natasha’s previous kind of life.  
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