The Island, based on Victoria's Hislop bestseller,  is an ode to the strength of the human will. A story that takes us on a journey to the beautiful landscapes of Crete and the fascinating lives of its people, from 1939 to present; a tale about the glory of everyday men and women who manage to rise above destiny’s cruelest blows and find the power to love, to dream, to survive... Across Plaka, a beautiful village in Eastern Crete, lies Spinalonga; the Island. The old Venetian fortress towers over the small piece of land that served for decades as a place of compulsory exile for lepers. Alexis, a college student from London trying to unlock her past, travels to Crete and plunges into the gripping history of three generations of great women - all of them haunted by Spinalonga.



For the fifth year in a row, Stelios Parliaros and Sweet Alchemy will continue to make your weekends sweeter. Having moved from Mega TV to Skai TV, each episode will be filmed right in Stelios Parliaros’ workshop, where the master of chocolate and patisserie will teach his secrets to you, and his team (Evita Papacharalambous, Dino Fotinaki and George Spanakis).

Sweet Alchemy airs Saturdays at 10pm, with a rerun on Sundays at 6pm. The episodes and recipes can be found on Skai’s website,  


SECRETS OF EDEN In the summer of 1993, six teenagers (three boys and three girls) meet at summer camp and become close friends, sharing their dreams for the future. These dreams slowly turn into nightmares. Fifteen years later, their childhood friendships have developed into passionate love affairs, deep friendships as well as professional relationships. Their dreams were never truly realized. The corruption, the desire for power and the trials and tribulations within each of their relationships has scattered their dreams like dust in the wind.


G4 HIGH SCHOOL This is a drama series by young artists, for a young demographic. One high school. One class. It's a story about a group of seven friends who are living their dreams, as well as their nightmares. They fall in love, have problems, forge friendships, and have confrontations. They are sensitive, romantic and tough. They are the students of G4.     G4 was aired during the 2008-09 television season and deals with current issues facing teenagers today. It is the first series to use the tough language of youth, and gives an honest picture of the problems and dilemmas that teenagers deal with in their daily lives. 


IF YOU EXISTED I'D DIVORCE YOU! This was a comedy series produced for Mega and was broadcast in 2007. Nontas (Petros Philippides) is a successful businessman who, aside from maintaining his businesses, maintains relationships with three women: two wives and a lover. And he loves all three! His first wife is dynamic (Elisavet Moutafi), the second has a great sense of humor (Marianna Toumasatou) and the third is a romantic (Katerina Papadiki) and gives color to his life. Nontas has it all under control until a series of unfortunate events bring him face to face with a dead body that he has to get rid of, and a baby that is probably his. Eventually, Nonta’s women discover his infidelity. Instead of confronting him, they collaborate and devise his demise


THE TRAIL Where there’s a crime, there’s a trail. You can try to erase it, but you cannot make it disappear! A team of criminal investigators will make sure of that. This team is made up of professionals who have been trained abroad, specializing in profiling and scientific analysis of evidence. The show’s protagonists approach each crime scene looking for physical and psychological evidence left behind by the criminals, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle using reason as well as imagination. The television series “The Trail” was aired on Mega during the 2007-2008 season in self-contained episodes. It was a crime series with many special effects and challenging on-location filming, that raised the bar for this type of content throughout the Greek market.


 IT ALL CAME RIGHT! This was a Comedy Series which was produced for Mega and was aired during the 2006-2007 television season. George (Yannis Bezos) is a doctor in his forties but refuses to accept it. He remains a fanatic bachelor with a huge weakness: younger women. Natalia (Daphne Lamproyianni) is a fanatical feminist who works in ecotourism in a seaside village. When George starts up a flirtation with Katerina (Isabella Koyevina), Natalia’s 25-year-old daughter, a specialized doctor at the hospital at which he works, the sworn feminist begins a battle. The biggest battle, though, is that which takes place in Natalia’s heart. As for George…the very thought that he could be interested in a woman over 20 comes as quite a surprise.


QUE SERA, SERA The sitcom  “Que Sera, Sera” aired during the 2005-2006 television season on ANT1. It was written by Rena Riga and directed by Giannis Vouros. The series revolves around two lonely parents – one a widower with a delicatessen, and the other a divorcee who owns a bookstore. They both are trying to rebuild their lives, while overcoming the many obstacles put in place by their children, their parents, and their previous partners. Their love blossoms through various comedic circumstances in their daily lives. 
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