Television Enterprises SA is situated on 30,000 sqm. (7.5 acres) of land.

The studio complex is located on Paiania-Markopoulou Avenue, easily accessible from Athens International airport (10 min.), Olympic Stadium (25 min.) and central Athens (40 min.), through Attiki Odo Highway.

There are three buildings, that that take up more than 7,000 sqm (75,000 sq. ft.).

All the buildings have been ergonomically designed, with the specific intention of accommodating the needs of television production.

In addition to the four studios and post-production suites, there is plenty of office space for production teams, a set and props warehouse (a selection of props and furniture is always available), with ample storage space and a carpentry workshop for set design and construction.

The cafeteria is situated in the main building, providing meals and refreshments all day long. A large parking lot for up to 180 cars is located around the building complex.

Lastly, your security is taken care of on a 24 hour basis by the qualified members of the building’s security team.