About TVE

Television Enterprises S.A. (TVE) is one of the most successful independent audiovisual production companies and television studios in Greece.

TVE, located in the outskirts of Athens, were established in 1975, and were the first color TV studios in Greece. Operations started in 1977, with two fully-equipped studios, along with several audio and editing suites, that were producing TV programs for 20 different TV stations throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In 1982, Television Enterprises introduced the first private OB Van and single- camera mobile units to the Greek market, and in 1983, operations began in Studio 3. In 1989, Television Enterprises contracted exclusive technical coverage of the first private TV station in Greece, Mega Channel.

The recording studios were transformed to live news and talk show studios. By 1996 TVE had completed the first digital production studio in Greece, Studio 4.The building of 2200sqm houses production studios, post-production suites, as well as dressing rooms and production offices. The success of TVE is not only due to the state-of-the art high tech equipment or the experienced personnel. Television Enterprises, with its many years of experience, offers full support in all phases of production– from the script to the final program. All post-production work is executed in the facilities of the studios with no need to resort to external sources. In addition, fully-equipped vans provide all the resources and support needed for on-location productions.

In 2008 TVE acquired Big Shot, a media company specializing in advertisement production and corporate events. This acquisition served to expand TVE’s services to include advertising spots, promos, trailers and other post-production services, as well as the planning of corporate events. In 2009, TVE parnterned with Global Agency in a first-time effort to export Greek programming to international territories.

For the last few years together they have been extremely successful in establishing Greek series in the global market.

Television Enterprises produces a broad range of program genres including lifestyle, talk shows, game shows, sitcoms, crime series and social dramas, in addition to documentaries and films.

Our critically-acclaimed programs are produced for major television networks, and have attracted both high audience ratings as well as many prestigious awards. Some awards include: Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for The Wedding Ring, Outstanding Comedy Series for A Family Matter and Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, and Achievement in Photography for The Witches of Smyrna.

By bringing the best writers, directors and production crews together with the most current technologies, we aim to deliver the highest-quality and most cost-effective programming, always keeping in mind the needs and desires of the audience.